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Dustin D.

The Diner

"Have you ever tried cleaning your grill without a grill brick? Not a easy task. This is a great product. You can go from a stained dark grill to a like new shiny look."

Review from The Webstaurant Store

Christopher A.

Mesa Grande Taqueria

"I never try to clean a flattop without these, We get them locally now. but if your supplier doesn’t have them you need to order these. they work great!"

Daren H.

Khaan Deli LLC

"I bought a few of these grill bricks to see how well they would work. They did a quick job in removing very stubborn burnt on deposits WITHOUT chemicals!! They are great and have order them by the case now!!"

Marie D.

Encore Development

"Great item at a great price! They do exactly as their name suggests...scrub the grill. With just a little elbow grease, they clean amazingly well. Ships in to us super-fast. Thank you for the savings."

Donna H.

"We have a small tabletop grill in my cafe this is a must have, works well on the residue left from burgers ,bacon, dried on egg..."

Kristy P.


"Anyone with a flat top griddle needs some of these. We use them every night to glean the griddles at closing time. Really good price, too!"

Jason M.

Papi's Stuffed Sopapillas

"Wish i ordered more. this carbon grill brick is arguably the most effective way to clean our flat top grill each day. make sure to use it on a hot oiled grill"

Helen H.

Vincent's restaurant

"I bought this to use on my own Lodge flat top griddle. If you clean the smooth side of the griddle with it all the time you will end up with a completely non stick surface that will make you very happy. Eggs will never stick again!"

Melanie K.

Jacobs Grocery and Café

"This is a great way to clean a grill. A little scrubbing with the grill brick after a good scraping and your grill will be clean and smooth. We use one every two days and it is well worth it."

Kay S.

Sparrow Properties

"This brick does a great job on the griddle. I was shocked to see the end results. Always wanted one of these to keep my griddle really clean and it really works. Then I tried stainless steel pots - tried on the bottom first, just to be sure. WOW! WOW! and WOW! They are like brand new."
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