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Safe Use Instruction Sheets| English| Spanish| French
Safe Use Instruction Sheets| English| Spanish| French

GRiLL-BRiCK™ Cleaners. The easy way to clean flat grill surfaces.


For nearly 50 years chefs, cooks and kitchen personnel have relied on GRiLL-BRiCK™ to clean flat grills.

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    Easy to Use

    It's SIMPLE, EASY AND EFFECTIVE. It outlasts screens and pads and works on hot grills. It's user-friendly too - easy to grip, and takes little pressure. AVOIDS USE OF CHEMICAL CLEANERS.

    GRiLL-BRiCK™ Cleaners are easy on flat grill surfaces. They won't scratch surfaces, lift cure, or clog with grease. And they're non-porous and non-toxic too.

    GRiLL BRiCK™ Cleaners help keep your grill clean and free from excess mess without having to use harsh chemical cleaners.

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    GRiLL-BRiCK™ Cleaners work on hot grills to clean flat grill surfaces fast. No need for handles or screens.


    For commercial use on non-coated flat grills.

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